Top 10 Things To Do Before Adopting

1. TLC has an Adoption Application that includes information about what we look for in potential adopters.

2. Take time to think about what type of animal you'd like to adopt. Do you want a dog or a cat? What size animal are you interested in adopting? What breed(s) do you like? Do you want an active or a calm pet? 

3. Also consider the following factors: Do you have kids? Do you have other animals in the house? Do your animals get along with other animals? 

4. Go to the shelter to visit the animals and see which ones you think would make a good addition to your family. Talk to the caregiver to learn more about the animals and to get their suggestions for which ones they thinks would be a good fit for you and your family, making sure to tell them about the information from questions 2 and 3. 

5. Get to know the potential new family member. Pet it. Play with it. Have fun with it. If it's a dog, take it for a walk. If it's a cat, sit with it for awhile. Talk with the caregiver to learn about any special needs (e.g., dietary restrictions, etc.) the animal may have. After considering all these factors, think about whether the animal would be a good fit for your household.  

6. If you think you've found the right dog or cat, it's a good idea to bring your other family members, including your animals, to meet the animal before deciding to bring it home. Talk to the caregiver when you get to the shelter so they can help introduce the potential new pet to the family.  

7. If everything works out, decide whether you need more time to think about adopting the animal or if you're ready to bring him or her home. If you're ready to take the newest member of your family home, tell the caregiver, and fill out the adoption application. 

8. If everything checks out, you're ready to take your new best friend home.

9. As with almost all transitions, it will take a little time for the animal to adjust. Give him or her time to do so. 

10. Live a long, happy life with your four-legged friend! Contact TLC with any questions or concerns along the way. 

Please note: TLC has a return policy. If it is not working out for any reason and is within two weeks of bringing the animal home, please let TLC know, and we will arrange to take back the animal for a full refund.

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