Mission Statement & Goals

TLC Humane Society volunteers have been serving the north Georgia area for more than 30 years at no cost to the taxpayers. Stray animals have been reduced by thousands through our rigid policy of having each animal spayed or neutered prior to adoption. As many of our animals are obtained from facilities that euthanize healthy animals, countless animals lives have been saved and forever homes found. We want all animals loved and cared for.


Mission Statement:

  • Assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals

  • Relieve suffering among animals

  • Improve the quality of life of animals

  • Provide for humane education

  • Help to reduce pet overpopulation and end euthanasia
Strategic Focus: To continually expand and improve shelter operations and programs in order to enhance care for shelter animals, facilitate adoptions, educate the community on spay-neuter and pet care and help eliminate euthanasia in Lumpkin County and surrounding areas.
Current Initiatives: Increase off-site adoptions, media exposure of adoptable pets, fundraising efforts and community education programs.

Ongoing Programs & Services Since 1977:

  • Maintained a foster care program providing care for hundreds of animals through a network of volunteer homes
  • Partnered to promote a discount community spay-neuter assistance program to help reduce the number of unwanted animals in our communities
  • Operated a no-kill shelter and adoption program giving thousands of animals a chance at a better life
  • Spay-neuter and adoption of thousands of dogs and cats under our care
  • Increased community awareness of the pet overpopulation issue and the high euthanasia rate in the county
  • Recruited local businesses to participate in TLC fundraising efforts as well as local schools and clubs
  • Assist in reuniting lost animals by scanning for microchips, posting flyers in our shelter, sharing lost and found pets on our social media pages


  • TLC Humane Society has been, and will continue to be, operated as a no-kill orgainization. We do not euthanize animals because they have not been adopted
  • There are times the TLC cannot accept animals due to space limitations
  • All animals adopted through TLC are spayed or neutered, healthy, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations unless there are unusual circumstances
  • All potential adopters are pre-qualified; we reserve the right to decline an adoption should circumstances warrant
  • All animals at TLC have had routine immunizations, deworming, and testing for FIV/FeLV and heartworm per our protocol
  • TLC is opposed to the removal of a cat's claws
  • TLC will report identified cases of abuse an dneglect to the authorities for proper investigation
  • Under extreme circumstances and conditions due to health or temperament, euthanasia may be considered after careful review on a case by case basis by our board. A veterinarian is consulted when necessary and options are exhausted before consideration of euthansia.

2015 Accomplishments:

  • Obtained grants from Dr. Jane’s Foundation, Bernice Barbour Foundation, Pedigree, Grey Muzzle, Bissell

  • Implemented new and innovative fundraisers

  • Increated animal intake by 60% and increased adptions by 50% when compared to 2014 

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pre-loved and socialized. Our adoption fee covers:

  • Spay/neuter

  • Microchip

  • Routine tests

  • Vaccinations / Rabies

  • Worming

  • Heartworm preventative

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